CNN to Gibbs: Does Obama think tea partiers are racist?

His response, especially the bit about “hot rhetoric,” would be a lot more heartwarming had his boss not spent the better part of the summer keeping his mouth shut good and tight while the left race-baited the hell out of every conservative within a thousand-mile radius. Just in the past 24 hours, we’ve had the dimmest bulb on the New York Times op-ed page blanket-smearing southern Republicans over some supposed secret wish to call Obama “boy” while CNN anchors hold up Bill Maher — Bill Maher — as the new vanguard in incisive racial commentary. Of course the White House refuses to accuse its opponents of racism; why should they take that political risk when every last halfwit in big media is happily willing to do it for them?

That’s the first clip, which I encourage you to watch only after reading Ed’s latest post so that you fully appreciate the irony. The second clip, where Gibbs is asked whether Palin’s “death panels” comment was out of line, is red meat for dessert.