Left very, very excited that Joe Wilson's challenger is getting donations now

I’ve been watching them breathe heavily all morning and into the afternoon about how much money Rob Miller, Wilson’s Democratic opponent last year, has pulled in since last night. The latest figure is $400,000 — a “shattering amount,” according to one Democratic mouthpiece. How stupid is this? Let us count the ways:

1. Wilson’s become an instant political celebrity and grassroots love object. He’ll make big bank off this too.

2. His district’s been Republican for fully 44 years. He beat Miller by eight points in November while Republicans all over the country were getting wiped out. Given the way the political winds are blowing for the midterms, with Harry Reid’s own seat now rated a toss-up and one GOP pollster predicting big gains even if ObamaCare passes, he’s a mortal lock.

3. Like Moe Lane said on Twitter this morning, every lefty dollar that’s dumped into Miller’s lost cause is a dollar that won’t go to a Blue Dog who’s in trouble. Pour it on, suckers.

4. Wilson’s biggest advantage: He was right. The One does lie, and never more so than when he’s talking about health care. Even the GOP House leadership, while scolding Wilson for shouting, is using it as an opportunity to tout the Congressional Research Service report on ObamaCare’s impact on illegals. Goldfarb reads my mind in drawing a parallel between what happened last night and the uproar over Palin’s “death panel” comment: The left keeps kidding itself that the public’s paying more attention to the messenger or to the way the message is delivered — which was the whole rationale of Obama’s speech, after all — than to the message itself. They’re not. They’re worried about rationing and they’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the president is, in fact, lying to them, especially about how much this is going to cost. By all means, have Miller take that windfall of his and plow it into attack ads with the theme “Joe Wilson thinks Barack Obama’s being less than honest about health care!” See what that gets you.

Watch this clip, via Greg Hengler, of Lindsey Graham going off on Obama this morning and vowing to support Wilson wholeheartedly in his re-election bid. If even Grahamnesty’s this fired up, you can imagine what Wilson’s constituents are feeling right now.