Olby: Pretty much all criticism of Obama is racist

We haven’t checked in on the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow in awhile. Apparently he called off the search for dirt on Glenn Beck today — he’s just too darn moral, you see — but don’t you fret. Not only does he regard virtually all criticism of The One from the right to be crypto-racist in nature but he goes out of his way here to agree with Van Jones’s assessment that Republicans are “assholes.” TV critics keep drawing ironic demagogic parallels between him and his bete noire O’Reilly but I don’t remember Bill O calling Democrats A-holes back when I used to watch the Factor regularly. Has he taken to doing that lately? I know Keith is scrupulous about not acting like a bigger jackass than the guy he deems to be the biggest jackass on TV.

Just wanted to flag this in case anyone mistakenly thought that Garofalo’s views on race were too wild and woolly even for “Countdown.” On the contrary.

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