Too many Democratic congressmen behaving like jackasses for bloggers to keep up anymore

I’ve started three different posts today about some lefty rep acting like an A-hole only to be sidetracked by a newer, even more egregious incident of A-holishness. So let’s be efficient and consolidate before the next one comes down the pike. First, via Radio Equalizer, we’ve got Louise Slaughter refusing to provide a forum to the sort of violent right-wing wackos who show up to these things and get their fingers bitten off. Next, courtesy of Jim Geraghty, enjoy Baron “Political Terrorists” Hill whining about the temerity of a constituent wanting to record one of his — his — town-hall meetings. And finally, from the boss comes an all-time classic of Pete Stark explaining how national debt is a sign of wealth before threatening to throw the interviewer through a window. That clip’s actually a year old (and maybe more, per his allusion to Republican control) but it’s making the rounds today for whatever reason, probably because it’s such a nice distillation of the incredible nastiness, condescension, and entitlement that’s marked the Democrats’ health-care messaging this summer.

Speaking of which: After writing multiple columns about the peril posed to the republic by conservative “angry mobs,” WaPo cartoon character E.J. Dionne is now disappointed in the media for being distracted by the “angry mob” meme that’s blown up in the left’s face.