CNN anchor to protester: Hey, stop calling yourselves "real Americans"

All this poor guy meant by “real” is that the people at Obama’s town halls were true grassroots activists who went on their own initiative, not as fronts for the White House or some conservative astroturf operation. After three weeks of being smeared every which way as flakes and phonies by the guardians of tolerance, capped by Madam Speaker calling shouters un-American, who can blame him for stressing the point? Answer: Don Lemon, deciding that even the remote chance that viewers might take this as a challenge to the patriotism of ObamaCare supporters warranted an impromptu lecture on proper political rhetorical in the age of Hopenchange. And I do mean lecture. There’s nothing in the way of a question here, as one might expect from a “reporter.”

Shot in the dark: Any CNN fans among the Hot Air readership? I’m mighty curious to know if Lemon’s flown into any similar snits about the cavalcade of “divisive” Nazi/brownshirt/political terrorist spin oozing from his side of the aisle. Click the image to watch.