Video: Noted "fearmonger" dares to doubt total superiority of Canadian health care

Via the Right Scoop, libertarianism 101 from last night’s “20/20.” Not the most balanced piece on health care that you’ll ever see, but Stossel probably figures that if he’s going to get frozen out of ABC’s Obama infomercials, he ought to make his few minutes of screen time count. The lottery bit is my favorite, although I was disappointed that the part about how ObamaCare is a stealth single-payer program relied only on pundits and economists for that assertion. You could have gone straight to the top for an admission about that, Stoss.

We know from The One that people who worry about the unintended consequences of his program are ipso facto fearmongers, so I guess Stossel’s part of the club now. Along with most of the rest of America.