Video: Michelle discusses Obama's "racial opportunism" on ... the Today show

Here’s that intriguing morning appearance I teased in Monday’s Hannity post. A bunch of you thought I was talking about “The View,” which broke my heart because how awesomely awesome would that have been? Ah well. Enjoy Lauer affecting shock at the idea that a guy who tried to prove his “authenticity” by spending 20 years in Reverend Wright’s Church of the Perpetual Grievance, who once famously accused Team McCain of having a problem with the fact that he doesn’t look like the other presidents on U.S. currency, and who was known to reference “Malcolm X” while addressing black audiences on the campaign trail might possibly be guilty of racial opportunism. Although, in The One’s defense, what kind of progressive would he be if he wasn’t?

Best part: The boss lighting into Michelle Obama for her history of cronyism, much to Matt’s horror. Be sure to watch to the very end or you’ll miss the look on his face as he wraps the segment. I’m guessing she wasn’t booked at his insistence.