New ad: ObamaCare's not going to pay for abortions, is it?

Nah, or at least not yet. At this point, cobbling together enough Democratic votes to pass a bill in both houses is like trying to build a six-foot Jenga tower; sticking something in there about abortion would be like tossing a cherry bomb at it. Better to pass the bill now, wait a year or two, and then … “expand coverage.” Even so, I’d love to see The One pressed on why he’s not putting up more of a stink to have a provision included. We all know the truth — he’s willing to sacrifice anything, including a public plan, to save face and get something on his desk — but his previous explanation was weak and there’s plenty of fun to be had in cornering him. If the goal of ObamaCare is to make sure everyone’s covered, and if, as Obama once famously said, he wouldn’t want to see his teenaged daughters “punished with a baby,” what’s the logic for refusing to put abortions on the taxpayer tab? The whole point of redistribution is that freedom is meaningless if you lack the wherewithal to avail yourself of your options. In which case, shouldn’t you and I be kicking in to make sure women can free themselves of Mommy’s Little Inconvenience?

Here’s the accompanying statement from Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. He’s worried about rationing, but I’m pretty sure that’s all part of the right’s “fearmongering” or whatever too.