Obama to GOP on fiscal criticism: Have you no shame?

Via Greg Hengler, a new treat from a guy known to publicly congratulate himself for not scapegoating Republicans after scapegoating them on national television literally minutes before. What grates about this isn’t the buck-passing — that’s politics — but his punctuating the buck-passing with a statement of “the buck stops here” faux responsibility. He wants the authority of the presidency but not the political consequences of his policy choices, which is why he’s spinning it as illegitimate and hypocritical for the GOP to criticize him on the economy even though (a) his deficit this year will end up being four to five times larger than the worst deficit under Bush, (b) the stimulus never would have been passed by a Republican Congress, and (c) he dishonestly frames his pet statist programs as Keynesian “solutions” that were forced on him by the Bush-governed economic downturn rather than as the Great Society pillars he’s been planning all along. Bush supported TARP, ergo Republicans are on the hook for all $23.7 trillion of The One’s budget-busting programs. See how that works?

Below Obama’s shameless “no shame” moment you’ll find a surprisingly effective clip of GOP Rep. Tom Price answering his scapegoating of Republicans on health care. Overwhelming blue majorities in both houses of Congress and somehow it’s still our fault. Exit question: I thought the economy had been “rescued” already. Why the sour grapes from The One?