Waxman: Opposing cap and trade means "rooting against the country" or something

Actually, he says, it’s more like “rooting against the world,” echoing Krugman’s declaration this morning that opposing C&T constitutes “treason to the planet.” I wonder who came up with this new lefty talking point, in which disagreeing with leftist solutions to environmental problems constitutes the rape of Gaia herself. (Among the rapists in this case: 44 Democrats.) Suspicions, as always, fall on Rahm, although in fairness it’s Pelosi who’s traditionally been most apt to label her opponents unpatriotic or un-American for refusing to embrace the left’s agenda. No matter. File this one away in your “dissent is not patriotic” cabinet.

Note that Waxman cites as further evidence of the GOP’s anti-Americanism its opposition to the stimulus. How’s that working out these days? Don’t worry — if they didn’t get it right on the first try, I’m sure they’ll get it right on the second. Click the image to watch.