Video: The obligatory "Bush very mildly criticizes Obama" clip

Big headlines for this on Drudge last night and in papers today to provide kindling for a hoped-for Dubya/Obama conflagration, but these light jabs are the rhetorical equivalent of wet matchsticks. Is Bush not supposed to speak about policy at all, even in general terms, for the next four or eight years lest it offend the Lamb and his media apostles? If he wanted to hammer The One on a pet issue, he would have gone after with him for his silence on Iran’s democratic movement. As it is, it looks like he avoided the topic entirely, no doubt well aware of how counterproductive his comments could have been to U.S. foreign policy right now.

My TARP-hating boss will enjoy his lecture about the glories of the free market, though. Exit question: Should Bush, of all people, really be making cracks about the folly of sending terrorists for therapy?