Wright: Wait, did I say Jews control Obama? I meant "Zionists"

It just slipped out. Could have happened to any far leftist, really. Consider this another reminder that frequently the chief difference between liberal anti-semites and, ahem, “conservative” ones is that the lefties are more scrupulous about using code. A few choice lines discovered by police in James Von Brunn’s notebook today:

Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do.

Compare with the good reverend’s nuance in walking back his claim that “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me”:

“Let me say like Hillary, I misspoke,” Wright said. “Let me just say: Zionists.”…

Rev. Wright also said that “the Jewish vote, the A-I-P-A-C vote, that’s controlling him, that would not let him send representation to the Darfur Review Conference, that’s talking this craziness on this trip, cause they’re Zionists, they would not let him talk to someone who calls a spade what it is. “

(It should be noted that since his inauguration, President Obama has visited with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Saudi King Abdullah, Jordanian King Abdullah, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It’s unclear what Rev. Wright would say to the President about the plight of the Palestinians that these Arab leaders would be unwilling to say.)

If only The One were being controlled by “good” anti-Zionist Jews who oppose Israel’s existence, how much easier the reverend would sleep at night. I guess we all have our reasons to be disappointed with Barry. Incidentally, in the same interview, Wright went on to praise another noted progressive critic of “Zionists” for his use of the radioactive term “apartheid” in the past to describe Gaza. Here’s what that moral examplar’s up to today.

Update: Karl keeps it nice and sweet: “He meant to say ‘them Zionists.’ He meant ‘them Jews.'”