Video: NBC's ass-kissing of Obama too much even for Jon Stewart

This is kind of like Hannity goofing on someone for going easy on George W. Bush. The final line’s the keeper, though, so don’t quit on it before then. Maybe I’m just dizzy at the thought that media bias towards The One is now emanating such a stench that even the Daily Show can’t help choking on it, but is the backlash to Hopenchange finally afoot? For the first time, Rasmussen finds as many people strongly disapproving of his performance as strongly approving. (Thanks, GM!) The split on whether he’s an excellent/good leader or just a fair/poor one is also at its lowest level yet at 51/49. And now Stewart’s slapping people around for pitching softballs. What’s next? A mildly critical segment about The One on MSNBC?

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