Olbermann: Cheney's as "insane as any terrorist"

I’m not going to bother posting the clip. The bombast, the hyperbole, the invective, and above all the sanctimony are simply too much for a Friday night before a holiday weekend. If, like Mancow, you want to test yourself and see how long you can last, have at it. I advise saving a bunch of time and reading the transcript at Newsbusters instead.

I’ll ignore his penchant for analogizing his opponents to terrorists just because I’ve written about it so many times before. Instead, let me highlight this bit:

You saved no one, sir. If the classified documents you seek released really did detail plots other than those manufactured by drowning men in order to get it to stop, or if they truly did know plans beyond the laughable ones you and President Bush have already revealed, hijackers without passports, targeting a building whose name Mr. Bush could not remember, clowns who thought they could destroy airports by dropping matches in fuel pipelines 30 miles away, men who planned to attack a military base dressed as pizza delivery boys, forgetting that every man there was armed, and today, the four would-be synagogue bombers, one of whom turns out to keep bottles of urine in his apartment, and is on schizophrenia medicine.

If those documents contain anything of value, you would have leaked those already, as you leaked those revenge fantasies of the Library Tower and the JFK Bomber and the Ft. Dix Six.

The supposedly addled synagogue bombers managed to purchase what they thought were actual explosives and to plant them in cars outside the building. The Fort Dix Six were convicted of conspiring to kill military personnel and faced life in prison because of it, a reality Olby’s never quite been able to accept because he simply can’t fathom how a surprise attack on an army base might result in men killed notwithstanding the fact that troops carry weapons. For all the criticism Olbermann takes, he’s never gotten the kind of heat he deserves for being a near total denialist about the threat of terrorism, especially when it comes to homegrown/freelance cells. The only attack he’s perfectly credulous about is 9/11, and that’s only because he enjoys accusing Bush and Cheney of having maligned or exploited the victims in various ways. You’ll see he returns to that theme yet again in this latest harangue.

In lieu of Olby, I’m giving you John Gibson’s amusing deconstruction of his rant. Well worth your time, even though his conclusion’s perfectly self-evident: The reason Kayo felt compelled to go off on Cheney was because he didn’t have the integrity to deal with Obama’s embrace of indefinite detention without trial for Gitmo prisoners the way he would have had Bush ordered it. He’s a fraud — straight up, as his pal Janeane likes to say. Click the image to watch.