Military confiscates, destroys Pashto-language Bibles on Afghan base

Tapper did the heavy lifting on this, including digging up the clips, so read him for full background. After the story broke, the Pentagon was quick to emphasize that none of the Bibles shown were actually distributed to the locals, but pay attention to the sergeant in the second clip describing his time in Iraq. Evidently, the controls aren’t quite as tight there. I’m curious to see what sort of inevitable pushback there’ll be in the comments as the law on this pretty clear, but one thing we might all agree on: Why’d they destroy the books instead of donating them to libraries or ministries in the United States? Surely there must be a few Pashto- or Dari-speaking Christians here who wouldn’t have minded a free Bible in their native tongue. Exit question via David Brody: Would they have burned Korans if Muslim soldiers were caught trying to hand those out?

Update: Changed the headline from “burns” to “destroys” because Brody’s the only source I’ve seen for the manner in which they destroyed.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET