Video: Maher mocks buxom Christian opponent of gay marriage not named "Barack Obama"

A quickie from last night’s show displaying all the charm and subtlety we’ve come to expect, and surely the first time in his life that he’s had an unkind word to say about breast implants. There’s something cosmically apt about him attacking her: No one in American media better embodies the lefty paradox of libertinism paired with judgmentalism, therefore no one’s better qualified to prosecute her for the left’s capital crime of hypocrisy. And why no similar goof on Obama? I favor Omri Ceren’s explanation from yesterday: “Miss CA is just this week’s Designated Hate Target, so she gets bundled into every leftist joke that requires an ‘insert demeaning reference here’ punchline.” True enough; his audience would have felt let down if he’d ignored her. But there’s a second possibility according to Mark Steyn, one that also explains the left’s different attitudes towards Cheney and Pelosi on torture: Unlike Obama, when Miss California says she’s against gay marriage, she actually means it.

It’s the Miss USA standard of political integrity: Carrie Prejean and Barack Obama have the same publicly stated views on gay marriage. But the politically correct enforcers know that Barack doesn’t mean it, so that’s okay, whereas Carrie does, so that’s a hate crime. In the torture debate, Pelosi is Obama and Dick Cheney is Carrie Prejean. Dick means it, because to him this is an issue of national security. Nancy doesn’t, because to her it’s about the shifting breezes of political viability.

For a movement that professes to care so much about torture and gay rights, they sure are cheap dates for their political leaders. Anyway, enjoy the clip. Just one more baby step towards me becoming a self-hating atheist.