Audio flashback: Gore rips Bush's terror policies in September 2002

Via Don Surber, a memory refresher to follow last night’s post about what a liar he is. Be sure to listen all the way through or you’ll miss him calling Bush’s detention policies “un-American,” which of course is A-OK when used by a liberal to criticize a conservative but an outrageous slur vice versa. The more I think about his “I waited two years to complain!” defense (which, again, is a lie), the more profoundly stupid it seems. If, as he says here, he considered Bush’s policies to be an attack on constitutional rights, why on earth would he wait to speak up about it? Is he actually suggesting that the respectful silence owed to a new president by the previous administration means they should shut up and watch while he does something as grave as tearing up the Bill of Rights? And if he’s not suggesting that, what’s his beef with Cheney chiming in about a matter as grave as terrorist interrogations and national security? The “logic” here is downright Pelosi-esque.

Exit question: When’s St. Al going to speak out about Obama retaining most of Bush’s counterterror infrastructure? Or is he too consumed with weeping at the moment to formulate his thoughts properly? Click the image to listen.