Video: New queen of the GOP won't say which party she belongs to

Please. She’s Christian, supports traditional marriage, and opposes government handouts. If that’s not a Sarah Palin fan, I don’t know what is. You’re a Republican, gorgeous; own it. Even goofier is Obama mega-shill Roland Martin claiming to be a down-the-middle non-ideological independent. But don’t hit him too hard for that in the comments: He defended her on this week while the rest of the left was piling on.

Judging by the number of “you know whats” she drops in this clip, I’d say she’s perilously close to developing a Caroline Kennedy-esque verbal tic. Intervention time? Elsewhere, Patterico flags a glamour shot of her giving a come-hither look while showing off her derriere and wonders if there isn’t some religious injunction against that sort of thing. Good question. Maybe she’s simply trying to prove the existence of God? After closely examining the photo, I concede that the evidence is compelling.