Meghan McCain to Rove and Cheney: "You had your eight years, go away"

I don’t want to post it but I can’t not post it. I’m mystified as to why she assumes Rove’s Twittering is some half-assed pander to younger voters — like her, he probably just does it for fun — but it’s gratifying at least to know she’s pro-life. Free advice to Meggie Mac: Talking about the things you have in common with most Republicans rather than dwelling on the differences would go a long way towards earning you their respect, albeit at the price of losing you some media appearances.

For what it’s worth, she linked this approvingly on Twitter today:

The decline of moderate and independent Republicans, according to historian Vincent Cannato of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, “is only part of the problem” confronting Republicans today. Still, “just as Democrats needed to reach out to Blue Dogs” to build their coalition, Cannato said, “Republicans need to find out who the moderates and independents are in the country — and try to figure out how to appeal to them.”…

A rough road lies ahead for Republicans hoping to rebuild their party. They must recruit candidates that fit their districts, reach out to Hispanic voters among other crucial constituencies and find policies that appeal to a broad cross section of the country in the aftermath of George W. Bush’s unpopular presidency.

That will help Republicans achieve the kind of diversity — ideological, demographic and class-based — that will serve as a brake on extremism, create positive intellectual tension within the party and promote at least some bipartisan solutions to long-term challenges, including immigration reform and health care. A dose of moderation sprinkled onto its conservative base will be among the factors that will carry Republicans to victory in the years ahead.

Exit question: Is Meghan McCain the anti-Palin?