Miss California: I wasn't politically correct, I was Biblically correct

Good lord. Between her beauty, her stand on principle, and her serenity after such a crushing disappointment, even I’m ready to convert. Lauer clearly seems sympathetic to her, too. Maggie Gallagher’s right: This is a PR bonanza for gay-marriage opponents, and the stupider and nastier Perez “dumb bitch” Hilton gets, the bigger the bonanza is. Last night he whined to Larry King that she should have been more politically correct while insisting that he didn’t hold her position on gay marriage against her; here he complains that she should have left her politics out of an answer to an overtly political question and punctuates it with “I don’t want her talking about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus because that’s offensive to all of the Jewish-Americans,” etc. Which makes me think his issue with her might in fact be mostly about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Note to future pageant contestants: No believers allowed. Too “uninclusive.”

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