Should Hot Air have another Green Room just for lefty trolls?

A few people floated this idea half-jokingly in the Green Room thread this morning and I’ve been mulling it ever since, mainly because it’d be such a radical departure from the blogospheric paradigm. There are centrist sites that cater, or claim to cater, to both lefties and righties — Donklephant, The Moderate Voice, etc. — but no site that I know of with a clear ideological bent carves out space for people from the other side of the aisle. Imagine a separate page devoted to a galaxy of all your favorite HA trolls, baiting you into flame war after flame war with only the choicest liberal boilerplate: Death to Media Hacks, capitulus, Proud RINO, getalife, ernesto, SnarkVader, benny shakar, The Wall, and of course PopTech for all your frenetic Palin-bashing needs. I’m fascinated by the thought of how a feature like that would do. Would readers ignore it completely? Would it pick up a following among lefty-blog readers? Or would it triple our traffic as legion after legion of faithful HA readers enter the threads to do ideological battle for hours on end? Dude, this could be a gold mine. Gold mine, I tell you.

Suggested names for the new feature: The Blue Room, The Trash Can, Troll Call, and … the Troll Hole. I’m picturing black trim on the page, a skull-and-crossbones on top, and the slogan “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” as its motto. Sound off!