Video: Meghan McCain in heroic one-woman crusade to turn GOP centrist or something

She means well (I think) so I don’t want to dump on her, but a few things here. One: She needs to knock off calling Coulter anti-semitic. I’m not in the habit of defending AC but that’s simply a bad rap. Two: What’s with the Kathleen Parker-ish self-congratulations about being a lone voice brave enough to cry out in the wilderness about the party’s message? Frum was on this very network just the other day pitching the same thing. Surely that tendency was a contributing factor in the Times hiring Ross Douthat. There’s plenty of media fame and fortune to be had in being a Republican who criticizes Republicans. (Except for me!) Three: Beyond rehashing her pop’s aversion to earmarks, does she have any concrete policy suggestions on appealing to young voters or is this purely a stylistic matter of pushing back against the right’s provocateurs? Every time I see her on TV she’s talking about how much she loves the GOP without ever explaining why. What’s the attraction? Small government (in theory), social issues, what? Exit quotation: “If Meghan McCain were serious about inspiring an influx of gen X and Y-ers, why not rage against the out-of-touch elected officials in Washington who’ve ran the GOP into the ground and still struggle with a cogent message?”