Video: New "Star Trek" trailer as discouraging as old "Star Trek" trailer

And that old “Star Trek” trailer was darned discouraging. I was hoping to revisit my post about it and declare that I take it all back, but nope: This still looks like “Starship Troopers” with Spock and the Enterprise tossed in. J.J. Abrams might as well do the same thing for “Star Wars” next. Take a generic space opera plot, load it up with master F/X, and plop down Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon in the middle of it. Starring James Franco as a new, broodier Luke and Megan Fox as a bombshell-ified Leia. What could go wrong?

Update: They really nailed the Spock eyebrows, though, didn’t they? Kudos.