Ace: Here's what really happened with Hitchens and the pro-Syrian thugs

Since he’s setting the record straight, I didn’t want to bury this in the other post as an update.

Apparently they weren’t just goons but full-blown Syrian Nazis whose posters Hitch was defacing. That’s two beers I owe him now.

Well, when this Syrian Nazi goon saw Hitch do this, he confronted him and kinda-sorta attacked him. I say kinda sorta attacked, because what his main intent was was to delay Hitchens from leaving — until the ten Nazi goons he had just texted on his cell phone could arrive.

There was some kicking and pulling and hitting. Hitch and the others attempted to get into a cab — the Syrian Nazi goon got right in the cab with them, still hitting Hitchens. They could not force him out. Eventually they all exited, and attempted to get a fresh cab, but other cabbies were now hip to the fact the Syrian Nazis had been riled and wanted no business from them, so two cabs passed refusing their fare.

Follow the link. It was broad daylight, not the middle of the night; he was sober, not hammered in a bar; and he didn’t get his ass kicked, he got a few scrapes and bruises. Exit question: Er, what’s the difference between a “Syrian Nazi” and the rest of the Syrian establishment?