Obama asks workers to tell Congressman to vote for stimulus; no one does

Yes, it’s Tapper again, mining more comedy gold from that clusterfark of a stimulus “rally” Obama held yesterday at Caterpillar’s plant in Illinois. Sensing his chance to squeeze one measly vote out of the House GOP caucus and thereby sanctify the bill as “bipartisan,” The One tried leaning on new Republican congressman Aaron Schock by putting him on the spot in front of the plant’s employees. Big mistake. I’ll let Schock take it from there.

Evidently Tapper humiliated Gibbs again at today’s White House presser, too, by refusing to let him spin his way out of Obama’s lie about Caterpillar rehiring people if the stimulus passed. I’m looking for video but haven’t found it yet. Can anyone help? Exit question: At least two major polls show more support for the bill than opposition, with Gallup topping out at 59 percent. And yet not a single Caterpillar employee asked Schock to vote for it? Really?