Collins: I might vote against the final stimulus bill if it's too porky

The Freepers are buzzing about this so I figured you’d want to see the clip. Note: She doesn’t mean she might vote against the final Senate bill. That’s a done deal. She’s talking about the real final bill, the one that’ll come back from conference committee after the House and Senate huddle next week. If they start dumping money back into it that was cut from this one — which is possible — then, in theory, she’ll pull the plug. Anyone see that happening realistically, though, considering (a) she’s already shown she’s willing to tolerate a more expensive bill than Nancy Pelosi, and (b) she’s had her patriotism sanctified by the blessed hand of The One? Worth every penny of that trillion.

If you want to make your feelings known, here’s her contact information. Please be polite. She’ll ignore you either way, but at least your conscience will be clear.