Stimulusmania: Support for bill dropped 12 points in January, says new CBS poll; Update: Senate calls it a night

No wonder The One’s in such a hurry to ram it through: The longer this thing rots, the more people end up running from the smell. A bare majority still support it, CBS notes — contra Rasmussen — but that’s the only stimulus-related good news here for Democrats:

Eighty-one percent of Americans say the stimulus bill should be a bipartisan effort. Just 13 percent think it is okay for a bill to be passed with only the backing of the Democratic majority.

There are signs that Americans are receptive to Republicans’ push to increase the proportion of tax cuts in the stimulus bill: Asked whether higher government spending or tax cuts for business would be more effective in ending the recession, 59 percent choose the tax cuts. Just 22 percent prefer more government spending…

The public is not optimistic about the impact of the economic stimulus bill: Just 21 percent believe it will significantly shorten the recession. An additional 18 percent believe it will shorten the recession slightly. Forty-five percent say it will not shorten the recession at all.

Madam Speaker assured Obama tonight that she’s got his back. We’ll see how that holds up when he comes asking for another trillion for TARP II, especially since (again per CBS) a slim plurality now opposes any further bailouts.

The Senate vote is expected tonight but no one knows when. Over/under on the roll call is 10:15 p.m.; over/under on the bill itself, which is still being written, is $815 billion. Treat this as an open thread if you’re watching the floor debates on C-SPAN2. While we wait, here’s Grahamnesty continuing his big day with a golden moment on the floor versus Barbara Boxer.

Update: Reid’s decided that the debate on whether to drop $800 billion should extend another couple of hours, so he’ll see you tomorrow morning.