Limbaugh to Levin: "I'm being Alinsky-ed"

“They are trying to marginalize me,” he insists, which is only half the story. See Ben Smith for the other half, or just eyeball the table he’s posted. The data suggests that Limbaugh’s already been marginalized, which is a hard fact for conservative partisans to swallow but neatly explains why The One and his media accomplices are suddenly so hot to paint GOP stimulus naysayers as doing Rush’s bidding. They need a “villainous” Republican svengali with national name recognition to blame for opposition to the bill (rather than its own astounding crappiness), and right now there’s no one else on the scene. Exit question: If Obama’s the Messiah, does that mean Rush is …? Click the image to listen.

Jazz Shaw May 11, 2021 8:51 AM ET