Gay bishop's prayer omitted from HBO coverage of Obama concert

Turns out he was slated for the “pre-show,” not the show, so he went on before HBO went on the air. An innocent miscommunication, could have happened to anyone. Ahem:

“We had always intended and planned for Rt. Rev. Robinson’s invocation to be included in the televised portion of yesterday’s program. We regret the error in executing this plan – but are gratified that hundreds of thousands of people who gathered on the mall heard his eloquent prayer for our nation that was a fitting start to our event,” emails PIC communications director Josh Earnest.

Except … not everyone on the mall heard it, either. Follow the first link up top and you’ll see that the speakers cut out near the Lincoln Memorial just as he was starting his prayer and only picked up again as he was finishing. I wonder how the comments will run on that: Deliberate sabotage by Team Barry, or divine intervention?

A reporter from Christianity Today picked up the video. As promised, there’s nary a mention of Jesus to be found — but he did, stunningly, warn the faithful assembled that “our new president is a human being, not a messiah.” Say this for the guy — he’s never been afraid to buck religious convention. Click the image to watch.