Alaska Senate poll: Murkowski 57, Palin 33

Almost a mirror image of the dKos poll last month. Is the bloom off the rose?

Pollster Dave Dittman just finished a statewide survey on a possible Palin-versus-Murkowski matchup – and Murkowski beats Palin, at least in this poll, hands down…

“And I think there would be a feeling, too, of overreaching — going too far, too aggressive, too much too soon — if Sarah decided to run for Senate,” Dittman said. “When you’ve already got someone there with seniority, who most people think is doing a good job, I think it would be a huge mistake.”…

A poll commissioned last month by the Web site showed Palin beating Murkowski 55 to 31 percent, although local pollster Dittman says he has concerns about the methods used to arrive at those numbers.

One or the other poll’s dramatically skewed, as nothing’s happened in the last three weeks to warrant a 25-point swing. Except, er, the allegations — since rescinded — that Alaska cops suspended their drug investigation into Levi Johnston’s mother until after the election. Or the new questions over how Johnston landed a job for which he might be ineligible under federal law. Or Bristol Palin giving birth, prompting another round of wrangling between the ‘Cuda and the media. I think that covers everything.

Exit question: If she doesn’t challenge Murkowski in 2010 or The One in 2012, how’s she going to stay on the national media’s radar until 2016? Fox News will have to set aside a special weekly kaffeeklatsch segment for her or something. Don’t let us down, Greta!