Breaking: Supreme Court declines to hear Obama birth certificate challenge

Denials of cert rarely come with explanations and this one’s no exception, although the math doesn’t lie: They needed four votes to take Leo Donofrio’s case and between Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy, they couldn’t get there. End of the line for birth certificate Truthers? Of course not. There are windmills aplenty still to tilt at, as Dave Weigel explains:

How much further will the fight to de-certify Obama go? It won’t stop if the Electoral College votes for Obama, as the skeptics will try to get a congressman or senator to officially challenge the result. Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah was willing to believe that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams From My Father, so the skeptics might have a chance.

And if every vote certification goes off without a hitch and Obama is inaugurated on Jan. 20? Gary Kreep is ready for that.

“When Obama starts signing executive orders and legislation,” Kreep says, “I’ll be filing lawsuits unless and until he proves he’s an American citizen. Some judge, someday, is going to want this proved on the merits. You can run, but you can’t hide.”

David Horowitz ponders the galactic clusterfark that might have been had the Court taken the case. If anything good comes of this, it’ll be Congress and the states revisiting the “natural born” qualification, which must surely be the single dumbest operative clause in the Constitution. Exit question for WaPo, which helpfully informs its readers that “right-wing blogs were outraged” when Souter turned down Donofrio’s petition originally: Care to name one?