Video: Hank Paulson, cartoon character

In which a thousand afternoons spent watching the kids’ favorite DVDs finally catch up to the boss. I can’t throw stones as I’ve long since started seeing politics through the archetypes of Romero’s movies. The economy’s just about at the point in “Dawn of the Dead” where the gang breaks into the mall and the zombies start flooding in. You know things are about to go irretrievably FUBAR; the only question is who’ll manage to avoid getting eaten. The good news? The daring black guy in charge keeps his cool and figures a way out. Fingers crossed!

I’m letting MM slide because I love Pixar too, but if I see any “High School Musical” analogies creeping into her punditry, we’re holding an intervention. Exit question: Isn’t Wall-E a more apt analogy for Paulson? He has an impossibly huge mess to clean up, and he’s not too bright.