CNN 2012 poll: Huckabee 34, Palin 32 among Republicans and independents

Tough choice. Do we go with the blue-collar populist social con who’s soft on immigration? Or do we go with Huckabee?

Relax. It’s within the margin of error.

“It might come as a surprise to some that Palin does better than Huckabee among GOP men but that Huckabee beats Palin among Republican women,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Palin’s strength is also concentrated among older Republicans, but Huckabee may have a slight edge among conservative Republicans.”

Among voters who consider themselves born again or evangelical, Huckabee draws more support than Palin, with a 9 point edge. Meanwhile, Palin holds a 7-point advantage among non-born again or evangelical voters.

Mitt pulls 28, Gingrich 27, Giuliani(!) 23, and Jindal 19. The good news? If this is the race we end up with, come 2011 there’ll be a new Kathleen Parker “oogedy boogedy” column every week. Exit question: To the extent there’s anything newsworthy about this moronic poll, which, like all the rest thus far, shows Palin atop the field, what’s more significant? The fact that Huck seems to have a base of fanatic supporters as large as hers? (The 34/32 number comes from voters who say they’re “very likely” to support their candidate. If you include “somewhat likelies,” Palin leads by two.) Or the fact that the ‘Cuda leads significantly head to head among non-religious voters? Given her strict views on abortion and the media’s demagoguery of her beliefs, I’m reading that data less as a reflection on her than as a perception that Huckabee’s a hardline theocon.