Video: 9/11 hijacker yuks it up on martyrdom tape

Not for the first time, either. You’ll remember this turd as Mohammed Atta’s co-star, guffawing his way through another video discovered by the Times of London two years ago. Evidently AQ saves its blooper reels.

Jarrah is in a sense the most important hijacker because he deviates furthest from the crude stereotype of jihadis that many westerners have: Not poor, not uneducated, not from Saudi Arabia, not alienated from his family, not pathologically neurotic about women, not even surly in his demeanor judging from the tapes. Just a boy with a dream to kill people for Allah, and sufficiently committed to it that he was willing to shoot videos anticipating his own suicide years in advance. As a college student, he allegedly liked going to discos; five years later, he steered Flight 93 into the ground. If you believe MI5, there are literally thousands more like him inside the UK as I write this.

Needless to say, he also represents a huge hole in Trutherism. As the least likely of the 19 to have been involved in the plot, he was always a prime candidate for mistaken identity theories. At least, until he started showing up in these clips.