Greta on the Palin smears: Carl Cameron told me, "I messed up on this one"

Seven minutes on the difference between news and gossipy “schoolyard trash.” Cameron’s excuse, at least as explained by Greta, is absurd. She makes it sound like all he was trying to say was that there was sniping between the McCain and Palin factions and the Africa/NAFTA detail was merely illustrative. Go watch the clips — both of them, lest you miss his excited “Great doubts!” exclamation to O’Reilly — and judge for yourself how plausible that is. If all he was doing was offering a few examples, how come there wasn’t any dirt flung at McCain? Or is that because Palin’s allies refused to stoop to that?

Note that O’Reilly claims Cameron’s sources were eyewitnesses to everything he reported, not mere conduits. For the record, Steve Schmidt adamantly denies being a leaker. Exit quotation: “You know, I was a critic of her nomination, but everybody is entitled to some basic fairness…” Click the image to listen.