Shock: San Fran measure to name sewage plant after Bush fails miserably

And so the left’s shinola sundae will have to do without the cherry on top. I’m tempted to call this a case of progressives behaving decently towards Dubya — which truly would have made it a “change” election — but I think it was probably more a matter of cost than anything else.

On second thought, progressives rejecting gratuitous government spending? It really was a “change” election.

While Barack Obama stormed to victory and re-defined the term “blue state,” there was no joy in sewageville. When all the dust – we’ll assume it was dust – settled, they’d lost by roughly a 70-30 ratio…

Brian McConnell and Michael Jacinto, the proposition’s co-authors, weren’t ready to retrace their steps yet. But Jacinto noted that the Public Utility Commission’s oft-repeated estimate of $50,000 in city money to accommodate the name change was “pulled out of their posterior,” while both men were surprised at the Guardian and others rationalizing that christening a sewage plant after the president would be disrespectful to its employees – after all, the SEIU Local 1021, the sewage workers’ union, endorsed their proposition.

Peaches Christ, the Prop’s spokeswoman – and a basketball player-sized drag queen – was bummed, but kept things in perspective. “If Prop R passed it’d have been neat and fun, but I don’t think there are any tears being shed,” she said. “If it had passed I had a speech planned. And [now] I’m heading to the Castro to party.”

Yes, of course there’s a photo of Peaches at the link. Exit question: What will we be clamoring to have renamed after The One in four years? Judging by the Dow’s performance today, I’m guessing the NYSE.