Round two: PA, FL, MO; Update: NBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama; Update: Fox too

No calls yet in round one as I write this. Florida and Missouri won’t be called until late, either, but if The One’s exit poll margin in Pennsylvania really is 15 points, there’s at least a chance it could go early and puncture Maverick’s balloon.

New general election updates will appear in this thread, but I’ll update the last one with results from those states as they come in.

Update: Bright and early as the clock strikes eight, NBC calls Pennsylvania for The One. Start drinking.

Update: Here’s my map from the predictions thread the other day. To get to a McCain victory, you had to flip 50 electoral votes from blue to red. Try doing it without Pennsylvania.

Update: Steve Kornacki does the math. Barring any very surprising upsets, Obama’s already banked 259 EVs. All he needs is one red state from 2004 worth 11 EVs to turn blue and he’s pretty much set.

Update: ABC also says Obama takes Pennsylvania. And, to add insult to injury, New Hampshire.

Update: Exit poll data from Florida per Marc Ambinder has Obama, amazingly, winning Hispanics by 10 points.

Update: Fox News says Obama wins Pennsylvania, too. And according to the CNN map, with 36 percent reporting, he leads in Florida by more than 200,000 votes.

Update: A McCain aide acknowledges to Ambinder that they need a miracle.