Video: Letterman grills McCain on Ayers

After weeks of whining about McCain having stood him up, baby finally gets his bottle. The highlight? Letterman demanding to know why Palin would claim that The One’s been palling around with “terrorists” — plural — when he’s only palled around with one. Good point, Dave. Let’s all recalibrate our outrage meters accordingly. That’s twice in two days, in case you’re keeping score, that an Obama apologist has answered a question about Ayers by parsing the semantics of it; see also Bob Wright challenging Palin’s verb tense in his conversation with Kaus. Can we really say Obama is palling around with terrorists when he hasn’t spoken to his unrepentant terrorist friend in three years? It’s in the past, man. Live for the moment.

Update: Commenters remind me that, of course, Ayers’s wife is also a filthy terrorist. There’s your plural, Dave. Is this an issue now?