Video: Michelle on lefty rage and taking off the gloves

108 trackbacks and counting for her summa on nutroots anger, written a few hours before the photos of the Palin C-bomb shirts started circulating. The difference, allegedly, between the examples she cites and the vitriol at the McCain rallies is that the former are freelance haters whereas the latter are a product of demonization by political leaders. See, e.g., John Lewis comparing McCain to George Wallace this weekend, Sebelius calling Republicans racist on the stump a few weeks ago, or The One himself accusing Team Maverick of having issues with him not looking like the other presidents on the currency this summer (an unusually overt display but not out of character) for just a few instances of nuance on that point.

That said, I’m not sure what McCain’s supposed to do at this point to satisfy the “take off the gloves” contingent. Campaign solely on Ayers for the next three weeks? Hasn’t worked so far, as Bill Kristol reminds us this morning in the Times. He could double down by bringing Wright into it — The One’s favorable ratings took a big hit when the news first broke in March — but that story was so widely covered at the time and has been out there for so long that I’m guessing most of the impact’s already been priced into the polls. Exit question: What would constitute “fighting”? Pounding The One and the Dems on Fannie/Freddie? I’m all for that.