Breaking: Bailout vote underway; Update: 218; Update: 263-171

Magic Eightball says all signs point to yes, with both Hoyer and Blunt expressing “confidence.” If it fails, we’re likely looking at the Dow falling off a cliff and calls for Pelosi to quit.

A sweaty, panicky blogger chambers a single round and waits for the paddles to hit an economy in cardiac arrest

Update: The vote’s not done yet but they’re already at 231. Unless a swath of members switch to no at the last minute, it’s a done deal.

Update: Sugary Senate pork made the medicine go down: 263-171 as the gavel comes down, with some 90 Republicans voting yes. The Dow has suddenly dropped by 80 points or so, but I think I know why — it’s pessimists like me unloading their portfolios to capitalize on the post-bailout spike ahead of what they expect will be another downturn next week. (I didn’t unload, but thought about it.)

Standby for the roll of glory bitter resignation!

Update: Democrats predictably credit The One, who leaned on members to switch and push this through.

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