Video: Visiting pastor prays over Palin for protection from witchcraft

Tapper’s got a good quickie recap to bring you up to speed. Skip ahead to 8:30 for the money bit. The left wants payback for Wright (Hagee and Parsley don’t quite suffice, evidently) so here’s their tu quoque for “God damn America,” I guess. Why prayers about witchcraft would be deemed alarmingly kooky or outre when prayers about angels, demons, or Satan are perfectly mundane and unexceptional escapes me, but then an atheist would say that, wouldn’t he? Meanwhile, Bill Donohue, as quoted by Tapper, makes a level-headed point (for once) about how different cultures understand evil. Is it really shocking that a guy who comes from a part of the world where they believe in witchcraft would pray for protection from it? Was Palin supposed to have run screaming from the altar when he mentioned it rather than have stood there politely and waited for him to finish? The One stuck with Trinity for decades; if he had stayed with them for a few years but then roused himself to quit over Wright (as Oprah appears to have done), I’d wager voters would have been a lot more forgiving.

What the pastor says about “Israelites” is dicier but, as Tapper notes, ambiguous. It could be a compliment or it could be an Ahmadinejad-esque insinuation about the shadowy people who control the banks. Judge for yourself, but then answer me this: Isn’t the current line among Palin-haters that she’s an empty vessel whom the dastardly neocons are reprogramming to do Israel’s bidding? The word “indoctrination” has been used, if I’m not mistaken. How are we supposed to impute the pastor’s sentiments to her if we’re busy pretending she’s some sort of Likudbot?


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