Video: Megyn Kelly rips Obama spokesman for spinning NRA ads

If you missed FactCheck’s alleged “fact check” of the NRA ads on Monday, you didn’t miss much. Dave Kopel has the authoritative rebuttal, but if you can’t spare the time for that, see Patterico’s piece for the disgraceful lowlights. One of them figures prominently here, as Obama shill Bill Burton assures Kelly that The One has never supported a total ban on handguns. What about the fact that he said on a 1996 questionnaire that he, um, does support a total ban on handguns? Simple, says Burton: That was filled out by a staffer who got his position wrong. And what about the fact that Obama’s handwritten notes were later found on a second copy of the completed questionnaire, proving that he saw the staffer’s answers and didn’t object? Ah, says Burton — his notes were only found on the front page. He must have missed the answer about banning guns. And what about the fact that The One initially lied shamelessly about never having seen the questionnaire at all until Politico confronted him about it? Kelly never gets around to asking him that, alas. But do note the parallel here with Biden hinting the other day that Obama doesn’t actually approve of the McCain e-mail ad. Forever victimized by rogue staffers, St. Barack is never responsible even when he’s responsible.

As for the other major omission in FactCheck’s analysis, The One’s pathetic, opportunistic flip-flop on the D.C. gun ban, it doesn’t come up either but you already know all about it. File it away with his opposition to lobbyists and earmarks –particularly the bridge to nowhere, which he voted for twice — as further evidence of what a cynical poseur he is.