Video: Michelle and Greg Gutfeld on Palin Derangement Syndrome

Which one’s supposed to be the liberal in this segment? It must be Gut; he’s shown more tolerance of “alternative lifestyles” on Red Eye than the left ever has, per his comment near the end here. Lefties will quibble with MM’s assertion that Palin owes them nothing — the ‘Cuda did, after all, describe herself to Charlie Gibson last week as a product of Title IX, the principal author of which was a Democrat — but it’s certainly true that Palin doesn’t thinks she owes them everything, which is what’s really bugging them. The expected quid pro quo for benefiting from feminism is dogmatic adherence to the leftist feminist platform; to the extent Palin exercises her choice to deviate from it, she’s a dupe and an ingrate. Hence the condescension to which MM refers, leavened of course with some good ol’ class condescension towards Palin’s small-town roots. For an especially fulsome example, breathe deep the stench from Dowd’s new column, written in the same spirit of zoological wonderment as Dian Fossey might feel in describing a strange strain of gorilla behavior.

Exit question: Why did McCain go on “The View,” anyway?