Jack Cafferty: If Obama loses, it's because of racism

Technically he’s asking, not asserting, but it’s no more an earnest question than the chyrons on Cavuto’s show are. Could it be that McCain is a strong candidate and The One simply hasn’t run a very good general election campaign, as many Dems admit? Nah. The flaw in that theory is that it would legitimize a McCain victory, and we simply can’t have that: It’s an article of leftist faith that not only has no Republican been legitimately elected since Bush I in 1988, no Republican could possibly be legitimately elected after eight years of Bush II. If Maverick pulls it out, there’ll simply have to be an alternative, discrediting explanation. And so here it is, preemptively, just in case there are no Diebold snafus on Election Day to demagogue. Expect much more next month, needless to say, as well as the odd veiled threat or two if McCain holds tight in the polls and the Democrats start to panic. Biden’s and Sebelius’s comments are just the start.

Update: Forgot to mention — stick with it until the end or you’ll miss the viewer hypothetical about how The One, supposedly doomed by racism, might be faring right now with Hillary as his VP.