"Tough" new Obama ad: Old man doesn't use e-mail

Here’s what it looks like when The One “takes off the gloves.”

Frankly, I thought the previous 15 or so times he “took off the gloves” were much more effective. As it is, over at TNR, John Judis can’t hide his embarrassment. What’s especially stupid about the spot is that it’s a line of attack with a lot more downside than upside: No one outside of The One’s core nutroots constituency is going to be offended at the thought of McCain relying on one of his thousand aides or secretaries to answer messages, but there may be some offense taken by the 20 percent of Americans who don’t use e-mail themselves — many of whom are no doubt senior citizens.

And senior citizens are known for high turnout, aren’t they, Barry?

Exit question: If Internet savvy is a basic qualification for leadership in the modern age, how can it be that Billy Jeff — still a major figure in the Democratic Party and the head of an influential global charity — sent exactly two e-mails as president and remains offline to this day?