Survey USA: Independents who think Palin's an asset to the campaign jump 13 points overnight

Via RCP. Not optimistic enough for you? Then eyeball the data, comparing questions three through six, and note well: The spread on whether the respective VP picks are both an asset to the ticket and reflect well on the nominee is wider for her than it is for Biden, not only across all voters but among women specifically. How long, I wonder, before the media starts circulating an Eagleton meme about him?

Answer: Very long indeed, per question eight. If ever you wanted evidence of just how “reality-based” the nutroots are, compare their own oft-screeched suspicions about the right-wing media that’s in the supposedly tank for McCain with the results there. Even among independents, the spread between Obama and “fair to both sides” exceeds 20 points.

I can’t leave you on a note that upbeat, so read this and have all your happy illusions about the Barracuda shattered. Or read Mike Murphy, eschewing the Peggy Noonan route and refusing to apologize for getting caught naysaying Palin on MSNBC’s open mike. Quote: “With all her charm, she is still a pick aimed squarely at the Republican base. In a high turnout Presidential year, I am not worried about turning out the base. I’m worried about everybody else we need to win and I fear that among those voters, Sarah Palin will be a dud.”