Maher on MSNBC's Obama coverage: "I mean, these guys were ready to have sex with him"

I had three tasty MSNBC goofs to choose from but went with this just because it best captures how far they’ve sunk. To paraphrase the Edward R. Murrow of our time, when Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are using you as punchlines for lefty audiences, it’s time to shut. the hell. up.

The two clips that were passed over: MSNBC running a graphic during the VP announcement wondering how many homes Palin adds to the GOP ticket and Olby Watch’s remix of Kayo’s mind-blowing hypocrisy in giving Michael Moore a pass last night in praying for the sinking of New Orleans. Be sure to watch the latter, as he’s bound to distort something some conservative says this coming week about Gustav and you’ll want the full frame of reference of just how corrupt his double standards are. Click the image to watch.