Michael Moore: This hurricane is proof that there is a god in heaven

Via the Autopsy, it comes about a minute in. Not the first “progressive” to admit to rooting for a hurricane, but the setting alone makes this special. Rest assured, had a conservative offered something like this about the Democratic convention, it would have earned a 28-minute speshul komment replete with light show and opening act. Coming from Michael Moore, it earns nothing more terrible than an oafish, shinola-eating grin followed by a moment of incandescent ironic beauty as Olby sneers at the viscerally distasteful prayer for rain during Obama’s speech made by one of James Dobson’s spokesmen, blissfully oblivious to the fact that Moore delivered the secular equivalent to the “Countdown” faithful assembled not 30 seconds earlier.

Moore does say he hopes no one dies; all he’s after is a heap of destruction and demoralization that can be exploited for political advantage. Exit question: Does that sound familiar?

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