Good news: GOP platform drops drilling in ANWR in deference to McCain

He told the Standard last week that he would continue to “examine” the issue, which is McCain’s go-to buzzword whenever he’s uncomfortable with a subject and wants to head off being questioned about it. Ah well. Looks like the examination’s over. Guess which special, special lady is getting an extra sympathy write-in vote in New York this year.

Members of the GOP platform committee voted Wednesday to stick with an energy plank that doesn’t mention drilling in the refuge, saying it would only highlight an area where they differ with the Arizona senator. McCain opposes drilling in that protected land, and some committee members said they would rather bring him around on the issue once he’s in the White House than widen their disagreement now.

“He’s not there yet,” said delegate Jeff Grossman of Oregon. “Prudence would dictate that we leave the text as it is until our candidate catches up with us.”…

The platform being debated acknowledges a human role in increased carbon emissions that are warming the atmosphere, while also calling for climate change policies that are “global in nature, based on sound science and technology” and don’t hurt the economy. The document also decries “no-growth radicalism” and says solutions should not “force Americans to sacrifice their way of life or trim their hopes and dreams for their children.”

Committee member Trey Grayson of Kentucky called the document “the greenest platform we’ve ever had.”

A Fox News poll in June showed a five-point improvement in support for drilling in ANWR since 2006; a Pew poll taken a few weeks later showed an eight-point improvement in just four months. Even our favorite liberal, an Alaska native, says it’s high time we put ANWR to use. Exit question: How many GOP bigwigs will mislead America at the convention by falsely suggesting McCain supports opening it up?