Heart-ache: Obama advisors converging on Saturday for "major event" in ... Indiana; Update: A hint from Bayh's wife? Update: Not true, says Obama aide

Rush’s dreams? Dashed. Blogger’s heart? Broken. Pawlenty’s and Romney’s prospects? Brighter, since a bland choice on one side makes a bland choice on the other safer.

Bayh Bayh, Biden?

NashvillePost.com has learned that senior campaign officials from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign are being dispatched from various locations around the country and are converging in Indianapolis for a “major event” to take place on Saturday.

Saturday is the same day that Obama is expected to make his first public appearance with his yet to be announced vice presidential running mate. Indiana is the home state of Democratic Senator Evan Bayh, widely considered to be on the short list of Democratic vice presidential contenders.

Obama’s advance people have supposedly been pulled out of Denver to handle this, too. The nutroots threw a tantrum last week over Bayh being on the shortlist, with lefty blogger Steve Clemons claiming a few days ago that he’d been summarily dropped by the campaign in response. It’s worth hoping this rumor’s true just to hear them squeal. But even so — think of what we’ve lost. Exit quotation: “I had a successful dump.”

Update: Bayh’s wife is reportedly telling neighbors the media is about to descend on their home in D.C.

Update: For what it’s worth, Team Barry claims this report is bogus.